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What Can I Expect?


Our mission is to provide quality care in a comfortable, safe, professional environment. Chiropractic care is the safest health care intervention that you can pursue. For over 30 years, Dr. Stewart has helped thousands of East Tennesseans Nationwide, patient satisfaction with their chiropractic care is always around 90%. I believe that we do better than that here. Finally, a doctor’s office that doesn’t make you wait for hours and you can enjoy going!

Pain and Choices

Without fail, every patient’s first goal is pain relief. Fortunately, that is our goal as well. With our track record we expect to be able to relieve or at least minimize your pain. As you learn about your body you will see that, as important as that is, it is only the tip of the iceberg. More important in the long run is the correction of the underlying problem. That is when we can start to tap into your body’s potential, your body’s ability to heal itself and it’s ability to be healthy in many more ways. It is rewarding to help someone recover from debilitating pain. It is even better to help someone correct and stabilize their spine to help avoid recurrent pain in the future and help to stop or at least slow the progression of degenerative arthritic change. Better yet is to do the occasional adjustments with children to keep them growing straight and true.

So you will have choices. Patch care or correction. Short term goals or long term goals. Our job is to educate you so you can make the right choice for you. We will always support you in the choice you make. A handful of spinal adjustments over just a few weeks and you may feel better than you have in years. At that point, you decide if you want to follow our recommendations for corrective care. Old or young, insurance contributions or self-pay, we should be able to create a plan that will work for you.

A Word About The Risks of Spinal Manipulation

The techniques we use in this office have proven over the years to be among the safest procedures you could ever experience. Our techniques are generally in the “low force, low amplitude” classification. The rates of serious complications in any chiropractic care are extraordinarily low. You truly are safer once you get here than driving here in the first place. You may have heard of people having strokes after cervical (neck) manipulation. This can indeed happen, but only in about 1 in 13 million cases according to research studies. It is extremely rare to see this after a chiropractor has performed an adjustment. The training and expertise of a chiropractor virtually eliminates the risk involved. You have a greater risk of being hit by lightning, and some researchers feel that since chiropractic patients have a lower incidence of stroke than the general population, your risk of stroke is actually less if you are getting adjusted.

We provide care to a wide range of ages and body types. We have techniques with little or no force for infants and elderly as well as controlled force techniques more appropriate for athletes and the general population. With your feed-back, we should be able to tailor a plan and technique to suit you.

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