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“Does good job of keeping me healthy and moving!! I like the way they treat a person, very friendly. Would recommend the doctor.”

Beverly H.

“Excellent Customer Service and Excellent Chiropractic Care. I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart for over 30 years. I always receive excellent Chiropractic Care. If you need a Chiropractor, then Dr. Stewart is an excellent caring doctor.”

Cheryl K. H.

“Always professional. I have numerous health issues. Donovan has always been able to work around those issues and help me with those issues. He's one of the best. Highly recommended!”

Mike M.

“Great Chiropractor!!!! This is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. I will go to him from now on!!! Very nice people!!!!”

Jamie P.

“First treatment feeling much better pain nowhere near as bad I believe this is going to work nothing else has about 2 more treatment should do it thanks a million you are a life saver.”

Robert G.

“Awesome as always. Dr. Stewart and his wife are amazing showed up with my back really hurting from the weekend with no appointment they got me right in and did an amazing job as well were very informative the only people I trust with my back.”

Stephen F.

“Wonderful people. It's nice to go where they know your name, they work hard for you to feel better, and you know as a customer you are supporting a family business and not another gimmick or corporation.”

Sona P.

“Thank you for straightening me out one more time. Great job!”

Mary F.

“Excellent service and knowledge. Pam is excellent at the front desk. Dr. Stewart is amazing and has been my chiropractor for about 8 years.”

William C.

“My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Stewart's for about 15-20 years. Regular adjustments help us to remain active even as we age but he is also highly qualified to help with any problems that may occasionally occur. A visit to his office is as much like a visit with friends as it is a visit to a chiropractor. He is also an excellent luthier and I count a Donovan Stewart Rocket Dog guitar as one of my few priceless possessions.”

Jeff C.

“Professional, Competent and Caring. My first time seeing Dr. Stewart was earlier today. He and Pam were both professional, competent and warm. My wife and I felt very comfortable. My issue is a back problem I have experienced off and on for years. I had gone to several chiropractors over the years however had just decided to endure the pain. My wife convinced me this time to go see Dr. Stewart rather than suffer the pain and immobility. We also had a long-time friend who had told us about Dr. Donovan and Pam Stewart. I know it will take a while to regain my mobility and be free from the pain however I left the office feeling that I was in good hands and that Dr. Stewart would get me back on my feet.”

Jim L.

“Very friendly. He is great at listening to your current problems and past problems and really want to know how he can best help you. He wants to hear how the care is going so he can individualize it for each patient. Great chiropractor!”

Kaylee P.

“This is a great office, from ease of entry to competence and friendliness of staff and Doctor. And the treatments are effective. Never feel rushed; genuine interest from staff and doctor. Deserving of 5 stars, which I rarely give.”

Robert G.

“Friendly, helpful, and caring! Dr. Stewart really seemed to care about helping me to feel better. He asked lots of questions and seemed interested in molding my adjustments to what I've been use to as I'm a new patient. Highly recommended and I will return!”

Mike H.

“EXCELLENT DOCTOR!!! My daughter and I both have been to Dr. Stewart. We absolutely love him and his wife! He is very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. My daughter has suffered all of her life with many sleepless nights and as soon as her first appointment was over, that night, she slept all night(even went to sleep early). She continues to sleep well and feels better overall. As for myself, I feel so much better too. I suffered from a terrible back pain, and could actually walk out straight without having to walk like I had a hump back :) If you are in pain or/and want to feel better overall, please see Dr. Stewart!!!”

Teressa C.

“Excellent doctor & staff. I saw Dr. Stewart today for lower back and hip pain, and I must say, he was excellent. I could barely walk, could not bend over, etc., and by the time I left there, I felt immediate relief. He is fast and thorough with excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend him, if you are in any pain at all!”

Teressa C.

“Wish I had gone there sooner. Thanks so much!! Mom will come pay tomorrow.”

Marcel Sadah W.

“I've been to chiropractors numerous times with friends and family members but never for myself. I have some stiffness in my back from carrying children on my hip years and years ago, but really, it’s not that bad right? Wrong. I twisted in bed, felt a twinge and dismissed it. After a couple months, my leg is in pain and/or numb after I sit for bit. It’s my turn to go and oh my! I never realized that stiffness in my upper back was actually preventing me from taking in full breaths. Thanks Doc, breathing is awesome!! The leg issue will take more tweaking but I know I'm in good hands. See y'all Monday.”

Lynn H.

“Outstanding. Professional, knowledgeable and communicative. Good music playing, too.”

Al J.

“I came in Donovan Stewart office with all kinds of pinch nerves on right side of my body and felt pretty much crippled and on first visit I left feeling much better. They have great service here Thanks guys.”

Van M.

“I came in the door stiff and sore left relaxed and smiling. Dr. Stewart found the pain the accident left.”

Sylvia W.

“Positive results after just the first visit! I work in Physical Therapy and as of late have been experiencing increased neck and shoulder, arm pain for around two months due to years of self-adjustment. The pain and numbness/burning sensations I have been enduring have interrupted the quality of my work, my workout regimen, sleep patterns and my overall mood. I will admit that I was skeptical at first seeing a Chiropractor given my medical background. I came to Dr. Stewart as a last resort. I had consulted my contemporaries with beneficial yet limited results. After the first treatment, I had increased symptoms but they lasted about 10 minutes until I could get to Krogers on Broadway to buy some ibuprofen. I followed his instruction after the fact and did not experience any increase in symptoms until around lunchtime the next day. Today was only my second visit to his office and after my adjustment I experienced an almost instant relief with reduced reproduction of pain. I have increased range of motion in my right arm with minimal presentations from my first visit. As a medical professional with overlapping knowledge of the functions of the human body, I would HIGHLY recommend him to any of you experiencing limitations in your daily life! Thanks, Donovan and Pam, for your skill and unmatched professionalism! Hi-five to both of you (with my right arm!)!”

James C.

“Almost immediate relief.”

Ada J.

“Excellent Professional Family feel friendly comfortable. Love the Stewart's and would recommend them to anyone.”

Adam T.

“A Master of the Chiropractic Arts. Nearly every time I go I feel instantly better and almost every night after I sleep great. Dr. Stewart is a friend, a confidant, a coach. Both he and Pam are truly a joy. Great with the kiddos too!”

David C.

“Professional and Welcoming Staff and Doctor. I felt much better even after one visit! Looking forward to more treatments from Dr. Stewart. He came highly recommended and has been treating patients for a long time.”

Nicole R.

“Professional and friendly. Highly recommend Dr. Stewart and his staff. Got me in on a short notice and really cared about my needs. Very professional and easy to talk to.”

William C.

“Highly Recommend. My neck feels much better now. I can turn my head again after the adjustment.”

Susan W.

“1st visit and everything was great. Very friendly people.”

Linda C.

“Professional, friendly, kind and SO accommodating!! Dr. Stewart and Pam are always making time to fit me in last minute. Their office is friendly and inviting. I recommend all my friends when they ask where I go. Best chiropractor I have ever had!”

Kayla R.

“My monthly visits keep me walking and doing daily chores; thanks to the doctor. He is a caring and thoughtful person and I enjoy visiting with Pam & him also!”

Beverly H.

“Excellent doctor, excellent staff. Dr. Stewart is both an excellent doctor and a caring person. His wife, who works in the office, is equally excellent. If you need a chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. Stewart's practice.”

Mary W.

“Always feel better after a visit!”

Bob J.

“I was seen the day I called. I was in pain and Dr. Stewart helped significantly. He took his time to talk and listen. I feel that he understands the scope of my problem. I am confident that I will get the relief that I am seeking.”

Denis E.

“Amazing results from a kind, professional Doctor. Dr. Stewart is a talented, high skilled chiropractor who truly cares for his clients. I am grateful to him and his practice. I can work and live my life pain free thanks to him!”

Cara R.

“Dr. Stewart is the best. I always feel better when I leave. He is always so caring.”

Jamie P.

“Always the best treatment and always helpful.”

LeAnne B.

“As always - excellent care; timely intervention quickly improved pain from spring yard work.”

Nancy F.

“Very professional & friendly. This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I wasn't at all sure what to expect. It was very thorough and Dr. Donovan explained what he was doing as he performed each procedure. I feel better after my first visit and look forward to the next.”

Michael N.

“Would recommend to a friend. Very attentive and helped me with my needs an explained everything the dr. was doing to me.”

Shirley C.

“Fantastic people, fantastic service. After my first appointment, I will most definitely be returning for all of my chiropractic needs. Dr. Stewart is simply fantastic at what he does and I look forward to my next appointment.”

Lindsey L.

“As always my time with Dr. Stewart was helpful and professional. In addition, my husband and I always enjoy his friendliness and sense of humor. Pam is the perfect "receptionist" always friendly, helpful and fun! I feel better already!”

Carol Ann L.

“Finally! Someone who knows what's going on!”

Sona P.

“Excellent and helpful visit, as always! This is a wonderful place to get feeling better, especially from back pain.”

Roger P.

“Highest quality service, professional and friendly. No waiting. Easy scheduling. Very understanding of my problem. I would recommend Dr. Stewart to anyone needing chiropractic services.”

Ann C.

“Friendly, accommodating service! I had been in need of a good Chiropractic adjustment for quite a while. Having chronic issues with a bulging disc in my lower back, I pulled into the clinic in excruciating pain. I had done this at other clinics over the past few years, only to learn they weren't in my healthcare network, or if they were, their extra charges prohibited me from getting treatment. All I knew this day was I needed help badly, and hoped for the best. When I walked inside, I was greeted by a genuinely sweet young woman, who pleasantly answered my questions with confidence. I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. She explained she couldn't work me in just then, but could a few hours later. I jumped at the chance for relief and told her I would return. When I returned I got the same warm, professional service I had earlier, and quickly met the doctor, who was just as wonderful as the young woman at the desk, (who had at one point in conversation told me was her husband). My problem was discussed and I received a spinal alignment adjustment. I was thrilled it was completely painless, as I have been to Chiropractic doctors who almost killed me. Within minutes the level of pain was diminishing. I felt remarkably better, and this pain had been building for weeks, affecting my daily activities and sleep. I am one extremely satisfied, and thankful, patient. And I will be going in more regularly to avoid getting to that painful situation again. Thank you, Dr. & Mrs. Donovan Stewart.”

Robert W.

“I should not have waited so long to see Dr. Stewart. He always helps.”

Kathleen S.

“Professional and attentive. This was my first visit with Dr. Stewart and I was very pleased with the process, the attention and the outcome. Although a long term back pain sufferer, I was able to get some temporary relief which is what I was desiring. Dr. Stewart was very professional and explained procedures and findings in a way a layman could understand. He and Pam are very friendly and caring.”

Edward G.

“I knew I could count on getting help from Dr. Stewart and boy is he appreciated!!!!!!!!!! Will still need another adjustment to get me all tuned up again but I can now move around without constant pain.”

Mickey B.

“Dr. Stewart is a great chiropractor and has a very nice, clean office. They always make you feel like you are family and are very compassionate about helping you feel better.”

Jim W.

“Best DC in Knoxville. Dr. Stewart took great care of me. He was only interested in my well-being and not concerned at all with selling me unnecessary treatment or products (as every DC I have ever gone to tried). If you need a chiropractor, this is the man to see!”

J. S.

“Great service. I was very satisfied with the professionalism and the service.”

Vaughn B.

“Excellent care, I feel so much better!”

Teresa B.

“Dr. Stewart has been "fixing" my neck and back for about ten years. Very professional and great at what he does! I almost want to go there just to visit with Pam and Dr. Stewart, but the treatment is top notch and I always feel so good after I have one. I highly recommend this place if you are having any problems with your neck, back, knees, etc. and everything is good for you; no drugs, no toxic anything.”

Bobbi G.

“Dr. Stewart is so nice and informative. Knew just what my problem was and left feeling so much better. Would def recommend.”

Drew S.

“Always great care. It was lovely to buzz in within hours of pulling something when I lifted a Christmas tree and have it set right immediately. As always, friendly office and competent care.”

Nancy K.

“Great experience. Only Chiropractor I have ever had and the only one I would ever have. Always feel better when I leave.”

Kim G.

“High quality, individualized chiropractic care. When I retired from 38 years of practicing chiropractic in 2001, I recommended to all my active patients that they continue their treatment with Dr. Stewart. Over the years since, I have had occasion to see a number of them being treated in Dr. Stewart's office which is great validation of my high opinion of his clinic, his staff and his clinical expertise. I appreciate very much the excellent quality of care he and his staff have provided to me personally in my retirement years. He and Pam (his lovely and gracious wife) make an excellent chiropractic health care team. It is my privilege and pleasure to continue to recommend Dr. Stewart to those in need of chiropractic care.”

Dr. Galen D. M.

“Dr. Stewart and his staff were very attentive to my needs. A new technique was used today to help alleviate my pain.”

Anita F.

“Professional, Friendly, High Quality Service. Donovan is so helpful and understanding and helps his patients to understand what is going on with their body. He is a great person! Pam is always friendly and professional. They are both very caring people.”

Lee Ann J.

“Feeling much better. I went in with what I think was a pinched nerve behind my left shoulder blade. It had been bothering me for three days. My back was feeling hot. Obviously an inflamed mussel. Dr. Stewart adjusted my back, and I felt tight. Immediately he put me on ice and a machine that massaged my back. It felt great, and I got up feeling much better. I will definitely need more adjustments, But I know I'm in good hands and this will be much better all the sooner. I got great service, quickly. Dr. Stewart has been at this a long time. Put your trust in a professional that knows what he's doing. And get the results you need.”

Gary B.

“Love going to Dr. Stewart for my chiropractic care. Pam and Dr. Stewart both are great people that always make you feel special. Adjustments are also wonderful.”

Mona U.

“The best care and service you can get anywhere. I have been a patient of Dr. Stewart for 30 years. He is the best chiropractic care giver in town.”

Rick D.

“EXCELLENT CARE AND SERVICE. Has always been there to see me and has always been able to help me.”

Granville C.

“I got my chiropractic and dental appointments confused and wound up being about 2 hrs. late for my first appointment with you. Your office worker told me that it wasn't a big problem that both of ya'll could stay for me to go ahead and get an adjustment. It was definitely over and above normal circumstances for you to make time to see me after being so late. I greatly appreciated it. My problem was my neck popping frequently and it has been a little better but I probably still need to come in for another adjustment. Will have to get in touch with you to set that up at a later date! If I have friends that need your type of services I would definitely recommend you to them.”

Judith L.

“Always helps me. I feel much better after my adjustments. I would like to be able to go more often. I would highly recommend Dr. Stewart.”

Susan W.

“Very quick results. I visited Dr. Stewart for shoulder pain that has lasted for five months. Yes, I procrastinated and suffered for it. After one visit, which included both manipulation and ultrasound, I can feel a remarkable improvement. I'm not back to normal, but I'm confident just a few more visits will put me back on the straight and narrow. I've been a patient of his, when the need arose, since he opened his first office in Knoxville. "Miracle worker" is an overused term, but he does work wonders with structural pain problems. If you're in pain, don't do like I did and live with it for months. Go see him today.”

David U.

“Comprehensive and compassionate. Very professional, friendly, comprehensive and caring. Pam was efficient, and Dr. Stewart took a good history, providing service to meet my needs for a compromised gait. Offered explanation and support, tender but firm touch and a compassionate spirit.”

Susan N.

“Smartest decision I make, always leave with positive results. Dr. Stewart has taken special care of me for almost two decades, starting in my late 20's. Dr. Stewart is a professional and respectful of my specific health conditions at each time of service to make sure he stays within my comfort level. I have always left with a positive result and know he has provided me with the best possible care there is. I have always been seen quickly at my earliest convenience and know in an emergency he will be there for me. Trust is hard to give to medical professionals these days but Dr. Stewart has had mine since the first visit. In addition, the staff at Chiropractic Health and Fitness is top notch and the environment is stress-free, comfortable and exceptionally clean. As long as they are in business, they will have my business!”

Cindy S.

“Friendly and absolutely professional. Dr. Donovan is phenomenal. Not only a kind and friendly person but also an experienced and professional chiropractor. After going throughout my medical history, he immediately helped me in relieving the pain in my lower back. In few minutes I felt immediately a new person. I strongly recommend Dr. Donovan also for those persons who are stiff like me.”

Luca G.

“Excellent people and treatment. My first visit to this company - I am very pleased. Dr Stewart did an excellent assessment of my particular back problem, and performed my first treatment. I know I have quite a few more visits before I am back to normal, since this has been a problem for quite some time, but I could tell a difference right away. Pam contacted my insurance company and was fully informed of my coverage. They are willing to work with me on treatments and within my budget constraints, there was no pressure (that you quite often find at other places). I am looking forward to continuing my treatments - they are personable, professional and truly interested in good health.”

Dianna P.

“Very professional and on time appointment. I don't know of anything that would have made the appointment better. PS: pretty receptionist too.”

Ron I.

“The doctor is keeping me pain free (as long as I go every few weeks) The adjustment keeps my back so that I am able to carry on a normal life! I feel very comfortable with the doctor and his wife.”

Beverly H.

“Nice Family Practice. Dr. Stewart has always been super helpful. Very easy booking and payment. Good hours. Great folks.”

Drew T.

“Great service as always. I love going there! Dr. Stewart is wonderful. Our family has been customers for many, many years. He is always helpful and we highly recommend him to everyone! We just love him and his family!!!”

Mark S.

“Great it was Kind of like coming home after being gone for a good bit of time.”

Jerry C.

“THE BEST!!! I'm 53 yrs old and have had problems since I was a teenager. Needless to say, I have seen a LOT of chiropractors. Dr. Stewart is THE BEST chiropractic doctor that I have ever had to adjust my body. He is the only doctor that was able to reach an area that I call my "rotten spot" deep in the thoracic area of my spine. EVER! I will never see another chiropractor myself, and would definitely recommend Dr. Stewart to a friend!”

Anita L.

“He cracks me up. He always gets me in when I need worked in. Good place.”

Russell R.

“Worth it! Dr. Stewart is a great chiropractor! Knows his field! If you following his instructions for your particular problem you will be glad you see him. I pulled my shoulder a little while carrying the vacuum cleaner down the stairs, protected it and worked with it, did ok. A while after that I tripped going through house and landed on same shoulder. Major pain after that and I knew I couldn't fix it. Called Dr. Stewart and he got me started with mending and maintenance for healing process. So thankful for Dr. Stewart and his wife, great team. Several of my family use / have used Dr. Stewart and any of them would recommend him for your chiropractor needs.”

Kathy L.

“I always recommend Dr. Stewart! Thank you for being our "go to guy". It's good to have you on our side! I appreciate being able to keep going when the going gets tough.”

Cynthia J.

“What a relief! It is great to have a team that can quickly and effectively respond to my concerns. Whenever I have a problem they make an appointment immediately for me, determine what the issue is, and begin treatment to give me fast relief. In my busy, active lifestyle I can't be slowed down by every day aches and pains. Dr. Stewart makes it easier to get right back into whatever life has in store for me! Pain doesn't have to be a lifestyle and limit or slow you down!”

Bob J.

“Excellent care and top notch customer service. I have been to many different chiropractors over the years and think you can do no better than here. Dr. Stewart is an expert and really listens to what you feel and need.”

Jennifer F.

“Dr. Stewart is the best!”

Mary I.

“Friendly, helpful experience. Dr. Stewart and Pam always make me feel at ease. I arrive and leave knowing that they care about my chiropractic needs and about me personally.”

Patricia W.

“If you are in Knoxville and need a Chiropractor; you need to Dr. Stewart. I have lived in multiple states and cities and it usually takes some time to find a really good Chiropractor. In Knoxville you do not have to go to three or four places- Doctor Stewart will get you fixed up as soon as possible. Indeed, we are fortunate to have him.”

Alan B.

“My visit to Dr. Donovan Stewart On April 13 was exactly what I expected before I got there, immediate relief. I have been his patient for 18 years now and the main reason is because on over 99% of my visits to him I have gotten the treatment and results I was looking for. Dr. Stewart is a skilled individual in the practice of Chiropractic. He takes a sincere interest in my health and wellness and always gets me in the office promptly when I need treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr. Stewart to anyone looking for a skilled and caring Chiropractor.”

William J.

“Great personal attention to my injured shoulder. Way to go Van!”

Allan M.

“Very helpful, kind, and courteous! The staff are super nice and helpful. The process is informative and quick. I've been to a handful of different chiropractors and these folks genuinely care about you as a patient and their business. I'm glad I gave them a chance. 5* would recommend!”

E. M.

“The staff have always been courteous and efficient and always make you feel welcome. Dr. Stewart is very kind and works quickly to assess the issue and resolve it. He takes time to listen to my concerns. I am always happy with this office.”

Gail C.

“It was great as usual. Always feel much better when I leave.”

Aubrey C.

“A Must-Have Every Month! Dr. Stewart is wonderful. I've been going to him for 20+ years now, and wouldn't change chiropractors for anything. He is very knowledgeable and capable. He has always worked with me to provide the best spine care possible for my condition. I always make sure I see him at least once a month.”

Fran P.

“Very friendly and professional. Both my husband and I come there because they Are very professional, helpful and friendly.”

Ann S.

“So glad I went. Having Fibromyalgia usually means problems for me, sometimes the problems become so painful that I need help asap. Thank goodness Dr. Stewart and Pam understand, and are there when the pain is in my back, ribs, or legs. They get me in to see them quickly, access my pain level and what needs to be done. I've been going to see them for a long time now. They know my family and I enjoy seeing them.”

Sharon G.

“Always look forward to discussing the situation and conferring with Dr. Stewart about the next steps. I always appreciate the warmth and caring I feel when I visit your office. Pam, I appreciate your friendliness and efficiency, and Dr. Stewart, I appreciate being able to discuss the situation with all its ups and downs and looking forward to even more progress. Thank you both for always being there when Gene and I have needed you.”

Carol Ann L.

“Personable Professionalism. When I first met Dr. Stewart I could barely walk without excruciating pain. After that very first visit, I could walk mostly upright, but with much reduced pain! After only a few visits, he had me walking completely upright and with no pain. He is so personable and friendly. A true miracle worker! I recommend his services all the time and he treats me with more than just professional courtesy, he treats me like a friend!”

James B.

“Outstanding service. Dr. Stewart and his office are always receptive to my needs and have helped me for years with pain and discomfort and joints that have affected my mobility. I am grateful to be able to call upon them when I am in need.”

Kathleen R.

“Excellent. Dr. Stewart is the best. And Pam is so sweet. They really care about each and every one of their patients. I was in so much pain when I first started going here. But even the first visit I was feeling better. But now I feel great thanks to them :-)”

Jamie P.

“Excellent chiropractic treatment and excellent office staff! I would highly recommend this practice.”

Nancy F.

“It was great. Friendly and knowledgeable. Takes time to listen. They are always great. They are Friendly and knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and then solves the problem.”


“I am feeling so much better!!! I wish everybody could realize what a great doctor you are!!! You really care about your patients and that means everything!! God bless you!!!”

Margaret B.

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